Monday, October 8, 2012

tara & jared's wedding

What a wonderful surprise when I found out that Tara and Jared were getting hitched! I ran into the bedroom after she called to tell me to explain to Nathan the good news...."Nathan, guess what?" "What" "Tara just called and she and Jared are getting married, in like 3 weeks! EEEK!" "Oh ya, I meant to tell you about it." Puzzled look on my face. "Ya, she mentioned something about getting married when she was cutting my hair the other day." I'm starting to learn that sometimes men don't look at exciting news like some of us women do. ;)

I am so excited for their families to join to become one. Amy volunteered to host and plan the Bachelorette dinner party at Kokoro Japanese House for sushi and hibachi! Everyone looked beautiful and I even got a chance to try out my new booties with my black sheath. Love, love, love them! As you can tell from the picture, they definitely made me taller..... (disregard the guy who decided to join our picture).

Now it's the wedding day. So beautiful and so cold! But we were able to witness the joining of two wonderful families together. I'm so glad they found each other. XOXO

Daddy and Tristan waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Unity Sand

Gideon with Grandma and Pa Davis


Tristan trying out the bubbles.


Colton and Tristan - BFF's forever!

Sitting and having fun together.

The kiss!

Colton, Sterling, and Amy

Cake table

The new family joining together via the unity sand.

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