Thursday, November 22, 2012


I caught myself a baby bumble...bee....

some spanish song

The new song he learned in Spanish class at school.....Courtney, any idea what he's saying?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

pole worx

When Stephanie called me to ask if I thought people would attend November's girl's night out if it were at a pole dancing studio, I quickly thought, "Of course people would come and good for you for being so creative!"  While most people tend to turn their nose up to the thought of dancing on a pole simply due the association of strippers and poles, I knew there was a big hype for this type of exercise and wanted to try it out myself. And, everyone took to the event just as I did - except of course Brea and all of her awesomeness. She definitely had to dress the part in order to play the part. But good for her! That's what girl's night is all about,. F.U.N. 

BYOB and snacks galore, 15 girls were wearing sweats, shorts, and tank tops to learn how to climb on these poles - one even brought her cane with her. Not one person owned stripper naturally Pole Warx supplied shoes for everyone since having these type of shoes doesn't tend to be on the fashion forefront for most women who are not strippers. :)

Everyone gathered to pick out the most gaudy looking stripper heels and planted them on their feet. We also took a round at trying to climb the pole and reach the top before the session began. Of course, I had no arm strength, so I could not even get very high - even when I tried to cheat by using a chair first! Penny did really well at using her arm strength to reach the top, as well as Brea. Dusti was a trooper and I even pushed her up some to help her along the way and got kicked in the face while doing so. Luckily, my lip didn't swell too bad and there was no long term bruising. 

When the dancing session began, we all gathered around our own individual poles and learned the basic steps to swinging, kicking, and dancing around these poles. I am writing this on Tuesday and my shoulders, upper and lower abs, forearms, hands, and back are still aching with pain from the hour long dance session. And, and, I even took many breaks because I was being a wuss and knew I was going to be sore from the session! We had so many laughs together as we discovered this little art was not at easy as it looked. Everyone kept laughing at me as I held my breath because it was so hard to stay on the pole. All in all, I learned some fun moves that I can take on the road with me if I ever decide to change my profession. Check out the fun pictures!

Dusti making a climb for it!

Go Steph, go Steph!

Brea wrapped all up in it

This was when I was holding my breath and trying to smile at the same time.

Go Penny!

My crazy attempt at something!

You go girl!


These heels were so tall! But Penny really is short too, lol.

Katie's shirt reads - "I don't do high heels!"

Group pic!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Thursday, November 1, 2012


My poor little pumpkin came down with strep throat this past week and all the planning we did for our First Annual Halloween Shindig had to be put off. Auntie B called and said that since he'd be on his antibiotics for over 24 hours, she was still comfortable hanging out with us and coming over for pizza and treats. I told Tristan that they would still come over and play with him and he could dress up too, he said, "...and Grandma too?" I said yes, I will see if Grandma still wants to come over. Of course she did - and she brought some treats too! 

We made hot apple cider, spider peanut butter cookies (attempted to, at least), zombie deviled eggs, ranch pumpkin seeds, and candy corn parfaits (with pineapple, mandarin oranges, and whipped cream). The kids had a great time playing together, and we even went around the block to a few houses to trick-or-treat. Tristan still didn't really understand what he was doing, but really liked grabbing in the bowl for candy. It was pretty funny when a neighbor had candy that he didn't know what to take because he'd never seen it before (suckers, starbursts, and lifesavers). What a fun night!


Candy Corn parfaits! (Made with pineapple, mandarin oranges, and whipped cream)


My little Bob the Builder.

Bob, a wee golfer, A Royals pitcher, a Jedi, and an Army man.