Monday, December 24, 2012

Thursday, December 20, 2012

welcome to the polar express!

The ticket man who checked our seats.

Amy, Sterling, and Colton invited us to see Polar Express with them in Branson this past September. When we told Tristan he was going to Polar Express this past week, everyday all week long he was talking about it and so excited to go. You see, Polar Express is just as important to him as his Thomas the Train toys. He was so incredibly happy to know that we were taking him to Branson to ride the Polar Express that he talked about it and counted down the days every single day. Nathan and I took Aunt B's children as well in hopes that she would have baby Eli the weekend we were gone - but that didn't happen. Although I didn't get to enjoy this momentous experience with my family, I'm glad Tristan and Nathan had a good time together. They did such a great job with the presentation for the Polar Express trip, served hot chocolate and cookies to the children, and Santa even came to say hello to everyone. What a fun trip for Tristan!

Tristan and Sally had Polar Express jammies!

My awesome helper!

The 'pretend' vagabond...

Sally's Polar Express jammies.