Monday, January 7, 2013

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When Danica invited us to Disney World this year, I didn't realize two things: How tired it would make me every day and how much fun I would have with my family and friends.  It really was a blast. Although I took Tristan back when he was eleven months old, I could see he had so much more enthusiasm for the theme parks this time around than before. Maybe it was because he had Serynn (who's a fun squealer) to get all excited with or maybe it was just because he was older and able to better comprehend what was going on. Either way, Nathan and I enjoyed it tremendously. It was nice to see him (and everyone), have such a good time. 

We also had an extra guest, Braedon's friend Justin who flew down with Nathan, Tristan, and I from Kansas. Braedon and Justin quickly became friends this past summer when Braedon came to stay with me for a week.  Justin is Uncle Daniel and Aunt Jamie's son and they were thrilled to get the funds together to have Justin join us for the trip as his early Christmas gift from them. 

We had a lot of mix ups with the school schedule and our trip changed multiple times throughout the planning period. At one point we had the resort booked and then had to add on another day - but we couldn't for our resort, so we ended up staying the very first night at the Disney All Star Sports Report. Although I didn't get pictures of the first hotel, It was so much fun for the kiddos. We all arrived jazzed up and ready to vacation - and this was the perfect place to start out at. There was a real football field where kids could run and play on, a cafeteria with all kinds of goodies for everyone to eat, a huge pool and Jacuzzi section for swimmers, and a big, fun arcade to play every game you can think of. We started out at the cafeteria and ended up finishing the night at the arcade. The kids were so amped up that it was hard for them to settle down and get some rest for the next big day at Magic Kingdom. We moved onto the Marriott Grande Vista Resort for the rest of the trip where we were able to make our meals in the kitchen to help save a little money.

There's so much to talk about with the parks, the kids loved every aspect of Disney - so much so they all still talk about it today!  We learned about the Rider Switch pass - which was handy when the little ones weren't able to ride the bigger rides.  We had full days with no naps sometimes which made it challenging, but we pushed through it and tried to handle the days the best we could. Tristan rode a roller coaster that he was big enough for and I remember looking over at Nathan saying - This is either going to make or break him regarding roller coasters.  So as we started the ride (which ended up being a little faster than I thought it would be for size of Tristan), I kept looking over at Tristan to see how he was reacting. He had a look of amazement on his face that I will never forget for the entire duration of the ride. When the ride ended, I looked at him and he exclaimed, "Let's do it again!" and proceeded to get upset that we had to get off the ride for the next customers to enjoy their turn. At least he liked it - just like his Mommy and Daddy. :)

Danica planned a wonderful meal at Chef Mickey's where the kids got to meet and eat with all the characters. What a great idea Danica!

Hollywood studios was a concern at first as we were one of the first to enter the park. But as we progressed to through the attractions, shows, and rides, everyone enjoyed themselves. Braedon bravely wanted to try the horror mansion - and got a little scared of the Twilight Zone shows they showed throughout the ride - but he really enjoyed the ride itself and wished the shows weren't a part of it. When I was screaming as we fell 13 stories, Braedon looked at me and said, "You're screaming because you like it, right?" as he looked for reassurance. I said, "Yeeeeeessssss!" as I continued to scream. :)  

Justin had a lot of firsts with this trip too! First plane ride, first hotel, first TGIF meal, first Disney World Trip, and first upside down roller coaster ride. He was a little worried to try the Aerosmith ride (which was awesome by the way), but once he rode it, he said, "Let's do it again!"  I think it's a little funny that he was worried about an upside down ride but wanted to ride Space Mountain over and over - which is in the dark and scary (for me)!

I didn't get all the pictures uploaded as there are too many to account for, but all in all, Danica planned a fabulous trip and we can't wait to go back again!

Ready for the first park in our 12 passenger van!

Taking it all in!

Family pic!


The show at the castle.

Loving it!

Best buds!

It's Woody Mommy!

Loving everything!

Enjoying the water after a hot day.

Danica and I joined in on the fun!

Chef Mickey's!

Great picture!

Tristan loved Minnie more than Mickey, I think. ;)


Hanging out in the cave at Honey I Shrunk the Kids!

Wreck it Ralph! Wreck it Ralph!

He loved Vanellope's car!


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