Friday, January 11, 2013

the nutcracker ballet

Every year, one of my favorite holiday traditions is seeing the Nutcracker Ballet with my husband. This year we wondered if Tristan would enjoy the lights, colors, and music that Tchaikovsky dreamed of when he wrote these beautiful songs in his native country of Russia. We invited Bailey this year because we knew how much she loves Princesses and thought she would enjoy this as much as we thought Tristan would. We were testing our luck with a 7:30pm performance as Tristan is 99.9% of the time on a set schedule with his nap and bedtime routine. But we thought we'd give it a shot and see what happens..... After a dinner of soup and sandwiches at Panera, this dressed up crew headed to Kansas City for a ballet that would amaze and awe us all.


The elaborate costumes, mice who fought with swords, and beautiful ballerinas prancing on their tip toes enchanted both Tristan and Bailey. Tristan kept saying "What's going to happen?" every time the music got louder or stronger due to the actions on stage. Bailey was mesmerized the entire time and wouldn't take her eyes off of the stage. At intermission, Tristan was as squirrley as could be and so we decided to go ahead and head home without seeing the second half. We know our limits, so we made the best decision and left. Bailey said, "That was really good, but shorter than I thought!". By the time we drove out of the parking garage, both kiddos were fast and soundly asleep. Next year we may have to try the afternoon show instead.

I thought it was cute how they were all walking with Nathan.

Ordering hot chocolate!

Bailey is all smiles!

Such a cutie!

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