Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I was introduced to Pinterest a little over a year ago. To much amazement as I am not a crafty-type person, I  loved it! I loved that I could decorate (redecorate) my house, find out how best to work out, discover the best party panning tips, and swim in the multitude of quotes that perfectly define ME.  

As awesome as Pinterest is, I often find that it is used by people as a safe haven for their wishful thinking. I make a point to always check out the website on everything I pin - so that I can use the site to the fullest. Isn't that what it's for? Ideas that you can actually use in real life?  

I see so many people just pinning everything wishing for this, and wanting for that.  Why not take a chance and try the craft, cook that recipe, enjoy the toddler game, try to put together the outfit, laugh at the blog, or purchase that awesome purse?  Isn't that what the point of Pinterest is? Or is it? 

Regardless, I use it for what it is intended for, and love every minute of it. It's actually awesome because I pin items I like or wish for and that's when my husband jumps in to take over when he needs gift ideas for me. It's like his "personal, go to registry" for his wife. Whatever the purpose, this has got to be the best reason for its existence. Yep. Love it.  

Now. If I can just get "hard to buy for" Nathan to join, perhaps I wouldn't have such a hard time thinking of fab gifts for him. 

Here are some of my on everyone!  BTW, recipes are my favorite, but too many to post!

So true.

~ Choices ~

Here's to super hero dads

....And the bestest, best friends.

Parties, cakes, and kiddos.

....To making yourself happy.

The most fabulous purse... the perfectly invisible tattoo. being the best parent you can be.

And having cute socks to wear!

Swim up bar with kitchen poolside, anyone? Yes. Please.

To fabulous styles.....

Wonderful food, wonderful experiences, and blogging about it....

To tatting it up (realistically or metaphorically) with your sistas. 


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