Tuesday, March 12, 2013

thirsty palette

The before picture.....

What do you get when you combine 15 awesome girls, alcohol, and painting of canvasses? A lot of fun, that's what. Check out the pics from the Thirsty Palette.  I definitely recommend if you ever want a good date night too!

What the art was supposed to end up looking like..... 

Working hard to fill in those lines.

Steph is always smiling.

"....no you don't understand...."

Perfect little lines!

Katie enjoying her time.

Thanks Dusti for organizing!

Pretty girls!

"No, that's right...I have FIVE kids."
Working hard.


My final piece.

What did you do, Brea?

Crystal's was beautifully done!

...that is not my bouffant....it's another girl's hair standing behind me. :)

Walsh - what? I'm scared!

Final pictures!!

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