Thursday, March 14, 2013

vail, colorado

The beautiful place we stayed at. 

We took our first family trip this year and went to Vail, Colorado to ski on the mountains. This was Tristan's first time ever skiing and he was ambivalent and excited all at the same time. His teacher Callie told us that for weeks up to the trip he kept talking about how he's "going skiing!" We told a little fib and enrolled him in ski school for the 3-6 year olds. He really enjoyed the classes and liked the teachers a lot. They said he did really well the first day, but probably won't be able to stop on his own until closer to 4 year's old. Here's a video of him going down the bunny slopes with Mommy. (I suppose iPhones don't have the best video quality??).

We also enjoyed our time with Steve, Sarah, and Alex who joined us for the trip. We ate at yummy places, shopped, played in the snow, played in the hotel, (Tristan would take an apple from the concierge desk every. single. time. we. walked. past. it.), enjoyed warm fires, enjoyed cold swimming pools, skied with friends, had some falls, took the kids on a gondola ride, ice skating, wonder zone play areas, lots of Starbucks, good beer, Tristan got to jump on the big trampoline, and overall just really enjoyed everyone's company and our visit together. Check out the pictures!

Cutie Alex!

First night's walk....the blizzard begins....
love birds

Outdoor ice rink.

Look how little his shoes were!


At one point I did have to I used  a crayon and a napkin.

Tristan said his trains were sleeping one night at dinner.

Riding up with Mommy.

sleepy after a day of skiing

Daddy reading to the boys.

Game night!

Two very good looking guys....

I will never reveal my identity!

Steve and Nathan having fun!

Tristan's trampoline ride!

Uh, oh. What are you two up to?

Whiplash at it's finest.

Ice skating!!

First time and having fun!

T by himself!

Ice skating!

After a long day of ski school. Such a cutie. 

His Skull Candy keeping him entertained.

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