Thursday, April 11, 2013

serynn turns four!

Nathan and I detoured our Vegas weekend trip to head to Serynn's 4th birthday party. Danica and Mickey did a fabulous job on the decor ~ I was so impressed! Painting was the theme and Danica made aprons with paint palettes on them for each kid, got a canvas to paint on, decorative paper to color on, and the cake was adorable! The room was vibrantly colored with blues, reds, pinks, purples, and greens, a polka-dotted photo booth, and fluffy round balls of joy to hang from the ceiling. Serynn got a lot of presents (don't kids always??) and enjoyed her time with her friends and cousins.  Everyone really enjoyed dressing up for the photo booth pictures and the food was so good! I thought it was very nice of Teri to make something for the party. I told her I was impressed that she offered and she said she does for every party. What a wonderful grandma!  After decorating the hallway, dining room, and Serynn's door for the next morning, Nathan, Danica, Mickey, and I enjoyed some adult conversation (and drinks) in the Texas night on the porch. Our absolute favorite thing to do since Tristan was born is to sit on the porch and relax after he goes to bed. So glad summer's coming so we can start our routine again!

Birthday girl!

Fun times!

The balloon man!

Serynn's patiently waiting to paint.

Wonderful Grandma helping with the aprons!

The next morning Teri invited us over for biscuits and gravy, eggs, and fruit. I love that she always invites us over to eat every time we visit Corpus. She's such a great host. :)

Thirty-six hours of fun, then Nathan and I were off the next day to Vegas. Our room was really nice at the Pallazzo (thank you for the free room Southwest)! We had a great date night together of slot machines, poker playing, drinking nice wine, and having awesome food at Emeril's Table 10 restaurant. A pretty elaborate date night, but sometimes you have to change it up, right?

Patiently waiting to board the plane. 

Excited to be in warm weather!

Fun times at the Pallazzo!

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