Thursday, May 23, 2013

i have loved you for a thousand years

Some things to remember as you grow older.....

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

visiting great grandpa dale

Last weekend we went on a quick visit to check in on my Grandpa Dale. Tristan did very well on the ride there and back and was little maintenance at all! He just so happened to get a new movie in the mail that kept him entertained - Cars 2. He was happy.

We spent the morning with Grandpa at his retirement home and caught up on conversation while he watched Tristan race his cars all over the floor. Tristan was very lovable to him and kept going up and giving him big hugs - which surprised me since he doesn't see him often enough to probably remember him. Tristan also made friends with several of the other people in the home - one man who he gave "rocks" to and another woman who he made sure to tell that she had a pretty necklace on. We also had lunch in the cafeteria with Grandpa Dale and his brother J. - Swedish meatballs with peas and mashed potatoes. :)

After spending time enjoying the sun outside after lunch, we told our goodbyes and started heading back to the car to come home. Tristan was sad to leave great Grandpa Dale. We will have to schedule another time to visit him soon!

Just a side note....on the way out, a lady stopped to complain to me about how the home needed to stop giving them men's pullups because they don't give her enough coverage. I said, "You're right!" hahahaha!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

cutting hair

So Tristan needed his long hair cut, so I did it. Yep, me. Someone who doesn't know what I'm doing, who's not creative, cut his hair. Jon (Uncle JJ) was there to help guide me (with his cosmetology degree and all), he showed me how to hold the scissors so I wouldn't accidentally stab Tristan in the face, how to use the comb, and work through his female like hair. Yep, I rocked it. Kind of. But you know what, it's cheaper than the $22 a cut that Tristan would need every 6 weeks.....:) And, of course, Nathan decided to capture it all on camera. 

Is this how?


What did I do wrong? (as Jon guides me)

Snip, snip, T is thoroughly  not interested....

Like this?
Ya, I think I am ready to apply for my master stylist license, Right. Now. :)