Tuesday, May 7, 2013

cutting hair

So Tristan needed his long hair cut, so I did it. Yep, me. Someone who doesn't know what I'm doing, who's not creative, cut his hair. Jon (Uncle JJ) was there to help guide me (with his cosmetology degree and all), he showed me how to hold the scissors so I wouldn't accidentally stab Tristan in the face, how to use the comb, and work through his female like hair. Yep, I rocked it. Kind of. But you know what, it's cheaper than the $22 a cut that Tristan would need every 6 weeks.....:) And, of course, Nathan decided to capture it all on camera. 

Is this how?


What did I do wrong? (as Jon guides me)

Snip, snip, snip...as T is thoroughly  not interested....

Like this?
Ya, I think I am ready to apply for my master stylist license, Right. Now. :)

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