Thursday, June 27, 2013


In light of the outcome of the doma - defense of marriage act - I have seen some disturbing things surface that leave me to wonder....

Isn't the whole point of Christianity that we all are a family? That we should love thy neighbor? If one is hungry, we are all hungry? The hypocrisy of Christianity is appalling to me. Either you stand for something and believe in it or you don't. Let's make a decision and stick with it.  If you believe in what the bible says, then don't take it merely sentence by sentence, but by what is in the context instead.

When Jesus said that marriage was between a man and a woman, he was responding to a question about divorce (so much for context), not sexuality. And even the Gospels...Well, even though they are gospel to many I love and care about, they are still interpretations of what Jesus said, and did, and meant -- we do not have a single written word directly from Jesus. Let's remember that folks.  Who's business is it anyway who people love and why they love them?

Hope, faith, and love.....and the greatest of these is love.....Why can't we all just love each other?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

fireman sam

Here's my natural born star!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

tristan's birthday fun!

Tristan turned 3! How time flies. He enjoyed a full day of fun starting with Lego Land with Daddy in the morning and playing in the park that evening. So many friends and family called to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRISTAN ~ He even received a video from the Campbells!  Presents galore too! A personalized cape with "T" on the back, lots of toys, Cars cupcakes, and many family and friends to hang out with.  Oh how I enjoy how much he is loved! Check out the pictures!!


A personalized cape from Aunt B!

Isla and Sally helping out...

Balloon bomb on the door...

The Campbells sent a video to wish Tristan a Happy Birthday!!

Tristan loves his new car!

....and Feelos ruined the morning balloon bomb!

Looks like T's car fits perfectly in the garage.

Baseball game fun the day before!

Daddy took Tristan to Lego Land for the morning!



Cupcakes all over his face!


Come on Isla!


Loving each other!

I am the Dark Knight.

Cool new bag I got from my Mommy and Daddy's friends.

Protecting her.

brooke is 36

Aunt B is one of the coolest people I know. She is open, honest, and patient, and loves our family more than we will ever know! Mommy set up a dinner party to celebrate Aunt B's 36th birthday celebration and many friends and family came from near and far to join in on the celebration. 

Can we say SUSHI!??!!

Unfortunately, I didn't get to any pictures....but we had a great time with everyone! 

What I love about Brooke:

  1. She's loving.
  2. She likes to meet me at World Market or Target randomly to catch up for 30 minutes.
  3. She continues to try with people even if they don't reciprocate.
  4. She's passionate about her faith.
  5. She lets us have her kids over all the time to visit and stay the night.
  6. She loves building her kingdom. One. At. A. Time. :)
  7. She's open to new people coming in her life.
  8. She's an awesome cook and tries many new recipes and is always inviting for others to try them!
  9. She's beautiful.
  10. She's helpful as much as she can be with everyone (friends and family).
  11. She's thoughtful and considerate of others.
  12. Although she's very crunchy, I love that about her. She makes and creates things from scratch, shows me, and allows me to say, "Ya, I'm never going to do that, taste that, try that, or like that."  But I love that she can do it for her family!
  13. She forgives...and forgets.
  14. I love that she worries at the right times and forgets to call at the wrong times (i.e. when she's in the hospital, lol). 
  15. She continues to transform and shape herself to be a better person.
  16. Although vanilla is "all natural" flavoring, she will still enjoy an awesome Starbucks with me.
  17. She is adamant about wanting that "slow down, kids present" sign for her road.
  18. She's a great speaker! 
  19. She loves my son so very much.
  20. She reminds me of the beauty in the world. 

Happy 36th Brooke!!!

mother's day weekend

Gifts of hand painted love (Thanks for helping Aunt B, flowers from my mom, cards from many, brunch at 715, and a ring from Nathan that is inscribed "love".....I keep having the best. mother's. day. ever.   I am just too lucky. 

tristan's soccer season

Tristan had a fun and eventful soccer season this past few weeks with River City Futball League.  Nathan decided to be a coach this year and ended up coaching with an old high school friend the 3-4 year old group - including Tristan.  What a fun experience. His new soccer team starts this weekend. Enjoy :)

so eloquent....

football or soccer?

Monday, June 3, 2013

thomas day out 2013

Tristan's buddy Hudson purchased a train ticket for him to ride the train on his birthday. Here are the pictures his mommy captured from last weekend!