Wednesday, June 19, 2013

tristan's birthday fun!

Tristan turned 3! How time flies. He enjoyed a full day of fun starting with Lego Land with Daddy in the morning and playing in the park that evening. So many friends and family called to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRISTAN ~ He even received a video from the Campbells!  Presents galore too! A personalized cape with "T" on the back, lots of toys, Cars cupcakes, and many family and friends to hang out with.  Oh how I enjoy how much he is loved! Check out the pictures!!


A personalized cape from Aunt B!

Isla and Sally helping out...

Balloon bomb on the door...

The Campbells sent a video to wish Tristan a Happy Birthday!!

Tristan loves his new car!

....and Feelos ruined the morning balloon bomb!

Looks like T's car fits perfectly in the garage.

Baseball game fun the day before!

Daddy took Tristan to Lego Land for the morning!



Cupcakes all over his face!


Come on Isla!


Loving each other!

I am the Dark Knight.

Cool new bag I got from my Mommy and Daddy's friends.

Protecting her.

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