Tuesday, July 16, 2013

grateful he is happy and healthy

Last Friday....hmmmm...let's see, how do we start this submission?  Well, the week started poorly to begin with since I was supposed to be in NYC Mon-Friday and I normally come home on Thursday nights. Nathan was also in Baltimore for work last week and then headed straight to Dallas for a guys weekend. The reason I had to stay until Friday morning that week was because I had a meeting with the President to discuss the status of my projects. Fifteen minutes prior to the meeting, his secretary cancelled it since he was running behind schedule. Hmmmm....so that was a little disconcerting. Had I known more than 15 minutes prior, I would have been able to change my flight, but by then it was too late to take the last flight out to KC that day. So I headed to my hotel, checked in, and then headed to the West Village to watch my friend Sarah perform in Rantoul and Die!  She was fabulous! I couldn't believe the emotion she was able to convey to the audience. Absolutely funny show too!

After the show, I headed by the the hotel to prepare for getting up at 330am for my flight back home. The next day, my flight was on time leaving, yet late arriving to Atlanta for my layover, causing me to have to run from terminal C all the way to terminal D (have you ever been to the Atlanta airport? It's horrible!) just to find out that they weren't going to wait for any of the passengers they made late. I couldn't help it. I just cried and cried. Not only did I not see my family on Thursday night like normal, I feared the worst - no seats available on a rebook until late tonight. After talking with the agent, he rebooked me and told me to head back over to terminal C where I was told by that gate agent that I didn't have a seat, but was on standby. Can you believe the nerve? And by the way, this was Airtran Airlines, not my normal Southwest Airlines where I have super elite A-List preferred status and would have been helped a lot more than Airtran decided to help me. When I asked why they didn't hold the plane, they said they aren't allowed to. I said, "That's not true, Southwest always does." He proceeded to inform me, "We aren't Southwest"...hmmm. Same company though. Anyway.....so went through that mess, the lady said I'd have to wait until someone gave up their seat and I didn't know if I was going to get out of there until every. single. last. person. boarded. Finally! She said, "Miss, come on up."  I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. I would be getting home at 1230 noon. Although that wasn't 930am like the original plan, it was a lot better than 7pm!

Came home, worked a lot. I had a lot to catch up on since I was three hours later. Went and picked up Tristan and planned to eat over at Aunt B's house for dinner and help her pack. Since I'm traveling a lot, I haven't been able to help her much and that was on my calendar, so that's what we did. While sitting down eating, Aunt B said, "What's wrong with Tristan's eye?" I noticed as well that it was all puffy and swollen. I looked at it and noticed something in it. Brooke and I decided to put eye drops in it to flush it out, but after trying over and over, it wouldn't come out, much less move from the spot it was on the eye. Ughhh....the ER? Really? That's going to take forever, but after calling Urgent Care, they advised us it was the best option. 

Once at the ER, we are trying to figure out how he got a splinter in his eye. I noticed a long scratch at the top of his head and went to look at it thinking that maybe he fell down at the playground at school (since they use wood chips, maybe that's how). So I look closer and notice he's got a lot of scratches...that's weird, I think. Then I lift his hair and I notice he has LICE. That's right, LICE. Great. Add that on top of the ER visit. 

So Aunt B (Who was so kind to accompany me to the ER) and I were trying to figure out how he got it and when, but we didn't know since both Nathan and I were gone all week. I started texting everyone that I knew of that may have been around him that week (those who watched him) to inform them so they could check themselves. Meanwhile, the doctor starts explaining to me that she will have to put Tristan under with Ketamine to remove the foreign object from his eye. He will have to prep, wait for the pediatric othalmologist to arrive, put him under, perform the surgery, then allow him to wake, eat, and drink, and then we can come home. Ughhh....This was not at all what I had in mind for a Friday night. So I'm fine with that. If they need to put him under, so be it. I want him to be safe and healthy.  I did try to ask the doctor if I would be able to de-louse him while he was under, and she said no. :)

He liked the cool yellow on his eye that glowed with the black light.
So then another 15 minutes goes by, they move us to another room where we have to wait for the pediatric ophthalmologist to arrive.  Once she gets there, she says, "You know what? I think I can get this out without surgery. We will just need to hold him down."  I said, "Good luck with that. He's three."  Now I'm thinking, "Great, I'll have time to remove his lice before it's midnight!"

They swaddled him up like a baby and two RN's held him down while the doctor proceeded to remove the item. He kept screaming and crying yelling, "I want my Mommy! I want my Mommy!" I kept right by him and touched his cheek for comfort while reminding him that he's okay and they are just trying to help. And, it came out. He was extremely happy afterwards and he was prescribed an antibiotic for his eye to heal quickly. The nurse was so kind to give him a Red dye #40 Popsicle to make him feel better. :)

Now onto Walgreens for RID and onto home to try to get this stuff out. I couldn't believe how much was everywhere and how gross it made me feel. Poor guy!  I put Tristan in the bath, proceed with the instructions on the package, and start to use the spray on everything else while I'm packaging all his pillows and animals into trash bags to be quarantined for 10 days and throwing everything I can wash downstairs to start on it - including the car seat. While I start doing that, the chemicals were burning him from his open wounds and he starts crying. I try to get him to hold on as long as he could or as long as I could manage his pain, but it was ridiculous. I rinsed it out and we started with the knit removal comb. Well this thing was worthless on his hair. I was in the same spot for 10 minutes with a tiny piece of hair and they weren't coming off because his hair is too fine. So, I call Aunt B. "Hey, can you bring your hair razor over?" 

She arrives, we take him outside, and the entire time I'm prepping him (meaning me) for what's about to happen. I told him why we had to do it and that his hair will grow back, but long hair is all he's known so I wasn't sure if he'd be sad. He said, "Am I going to be Megamind?" We said, "YES you are!" Throughout the process, he kept asking if he was Megamind yet, and we would say, not yet....Then finally, when we were done, he said with a huge grin, "I'm Megamind!"

I'm just go thankful for Aunt B's help and support and that Tristan is happy and healthy (eye and head). Check out the transition pictures below!

Going for the Billy Ray Cyrus look here...

End result. Megamind!

Happy now!

Having fun with Sally!


  1. What a story! So sorry to hear about all of the troubles. I DREAD the day Daniela comes home with lice, but now, after reading your blog, I think I'll know what to do! You are a SUPER mom! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Ahh, thanks Summer! I try to do my best. That's all we can do, right? :)