Sunday, July 7, 2013

my 35th

Nathan planned a big, fun birthday bash at Paisanos for my 35th. He started out wanting to go to 715, then Freestate and ended up at Paisanos since they were the biggest location to accommodate everyone. I was so overwhelmed with love from the many sparkly birthday cards I received, gifts of wine, a pretty pink apron, 80's charms, and wonderful pictures colored from my nephews and nieces ~ and a good yummy cup of Starbucks from Brooke to start the day out right! 

Tristan had a soccer game that morning, followed by my eye doctor appointment - which by the way, I can SEE now after 15 years of not paying for Toric lenses...thank you Dr. Atteberry!  We tried to swim some, but ended up playing for about an hour at the pool before we headed over to Tristan's friend Lincoln's birthday party at LGA...where I might add, I tried a back handspring for the first time in about 10 years...felt a little dizzy seeing stars afterwards, but I landed my flip just right! :)

sparkly birthday cards

Thanks again for all the love I felt yesterday for my 35th. It's great to know how many people love and care about me as I do them. XOXO

Bird feeder from my mom
Christine and I found a hidden closet at Paisanos and took this picture. :)

Gifts from Daniel and Jamie
It's always so fun to hear the "happy birthday" song!

Some of the girls who came over afterwards to hang....
....the men were watching sports center inside, lol.

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