Thursday, August 8, 2013

2nd annual girls trip

What happens on the girl's trip, stays on the girl's trip.....but you can enjoy pictures. :)

Nightly walks to the beach.....


Aletra's birthday dinner!

Carts of groceries in our room? Only at a vacation club!

Jamie posin'.

A bucket of drinks....

This is how I snuck my beer to the pool ~ in a trash can with  my chips!

Laura driving a boat?

Fun pics!

This reminded the girls of me......

Team 2013!!

Maria was a little excited!

Laura always finds the weirdos.....

Relaxin' poolside....

Paddle boating.

This girl even had to work at one point. Boo!

Me and one of my lifelong besties ~ beautiful Katie.

Night out on the town.

Captain picture!

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