Friday, August 9, 2013

37 years of awesomeness

Posing with his nephew

Loves his son!

So cute together.

Hiding out in a cave. 

being silly...

Best buds.
Smarty pants who attends Harvard

Surgery in Boston in 2012.

Ice skating together.

LOL with Tristan!

Skating with T.

Relaxing on the way back down the slopes.

Smiling and enjoying himself.

Always being the best Daddy possible.

Always being the best husband possible.

Golf fun in Branson.

Teaching Tristan how to shoot.

Always joking and having fun.

Riding racing games at the bowling alley ~ one of their favorite past times.

Go carts in Corpus!

It's so fasst Daddy!

Carving pumpkins.


Helping with Braedon's party.

Always stylish.

Even likes to spend time helping to prep for parties.

Takes awkward photos even if the sun's in our eyes. :)

Loves his family.

Skiing in Vermont!

Always makes sure Tristan's food is the right temperature.

Is a good Brother in law.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk, go KU!


Hanging at the DC fountains.

Gatorland in Orlando.

Willing to be goofy for the sake of his son.

Cold day in La Jolla, CA.


Playing around.

Goofing off in Greece.

Attending baby showers. 

Helping Tristan flip.

Showing off tats and watching 1966 batman shows.

Gets crazy ass tattoos.

Sleeps with cars and Tristan.

Showing Tristan how to launch a squash at the pumpkin patch.

Family fun!

Loves him some Sally!

Helps to decorate.

Is a badass with his buddies.

Grills with friends.

Insistent on going to an anniversary dinner right after his surgery in Boston.

Goofy at the color run.

Cuddling with Alex in Hawaii.

Swimming with T.

All the reasons why Daddy is so special. 
Happy birthday Nathan!


  1. Happy Birthday Nate! Thanks for being an awesome brother in law and Uncle! We love you!! :)