Monday, August 26, 2013

failure, faith, and grace

Failure has such a negative connotation. As kids we believe with all our hearts that we know everything. As I get older, I realize the less I really know. I know nothing, comparatively. Why is that? Where did that thought come in? We come out of the womb prideful. Ironically, as we get older, we tend to have a fear of failure that increases within us. We can't make a mistake or we. are. done. Really? How is it that we have become so arrogant to think we cannot make a mistake? Again, we come out of the womb prideful. We really need to expect to make mistakes, expect to fail. Realizing now as an adult, that we know far less than we ever though we did and yet, we struggle, with fear of failure.

Faith is an amazing thing. For some it is easier to come by than others. Personally, I think that is God's way of allowing others to encourage people in their walk. We can't all be in despair at the same time. God takes us through a season of stripping away junk in our lives. He is constantly working on one thing or another. We get to a point with it where it is time to show how we have learned, strengthened, and increased our faith. Yes, I did say learned. We have to be taught how to have faith. Anyone can say they believe, but put those words into action and that is called faith. God will allow the same thing to happen to use until we are putting out faith into practice in that area. It's not to punish us. He draws out the junk and says, "Now, let's put this into action!" Sometimes we land flat on our face, other times we coast right on through. But this is exercising our faith. We are given the opportunity to practice what has been taught.

Between our fear of failure and learning to exercise our faith, we begin to understand grace. Grace, is understanding I will make mistakes, over and over again. Grace, is when presented with a problem and I fail, it's okay, I will try again. Grace allows room for error, growth, and success all at the same time. Grace is not condemning yourself when you can't get it right. Grace is not quitting and giving up when things get hard. When we can extend grace to ourselves, we begin to see God in a different light and see that this whole life is literally a journey to becoming who He has created us to be. We understand what it means to co-labor. We experience love in its fullest.

Brooke wrote this to me as something she's recently learned and wanted me to share on my blog. Hopefully you gain something from her experiences as well.

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