Thursday, August 22, 2013

it's worlds of fun!

Almost the entire Kems family headed to Worlds of Fun last Sunday for a day of roller coaster ridin', cotton candy eatin', lemonade lovin', bumper car ridin', nacho lovin', face paintin' day of fun!  Check out our day of fun!

Our first ride ~ the patriot. So. Much. Fun.

Saving some money by having a picnic with food from home. :)

Alex ready for his first roller coaster ride.

Sibling and niece fun!

Daddy and Tristan 


So sweet!

I'm hungry....


Cousin fun!

Riding with Aunt B!


Thanks for contributing all the selfies, Christine!

What up, Prowler?

Riding with T

How scared he was to be in my backpack, lol.


Spiderman face painting fun!

More beauties!

Monster truck rides at Camp Snoopy!

Best Buds!

Toot toot!

Tristan LOVED the bumper cars.

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