Wednesday, August 14, 2013

nathan's grillin' and chillin' 37th birthday

Last weekend Tristan and I threw Nathan's 37th birthday party as an outdoor grillin' and chillin' party. I surprised him with a gift of flying Giffin in for the weekend and Tristan bought him a KU basketball jersey with the number 76 on it (year he was born) and our last name. I thought I bought a size way to big, but it turns out that it fits him perfectly and me like a dress. :)

I tried to go as green as I could for this party by eliminating as much plastic as possible ~ aside from the old fashioned hot dog baskets and table cloths (both made from plastic and decorated in classic picnic colors). Instead of plastic cups, I used mason jars and ordered paper cups from amazon (since apparently you can't find 16 oz paper cups anywhere close by). I used cloth napkins for the guests as well as bamboo utensils that I found online at Joanne Hudson's.  I wanted to use all glassware, stainless steel utensils, and ceramic plates, but I didn't have enough on hand. For easy disposal, I set out two recyclable containers for the guests - one for glass only and one for all other recyclables. I set out a fun basket for the guests to discard of their linens. (Thanks for the recommendation Grammy!)

Grammy, Aunt B, and Aunt Amy came early to help set up and decorate for the party. While there weren't a ton of decorations, it was still fun putting everything together for the BBQ. We had hotdogs on fresh hoagies, grilled veggies, fresh veggies, pirate's booty, quinoa pico de gallo with tortilla chips, Italian pasta salad, coleslaw, corn on the cob, and fresh fruit all served on old fashioned hot dog baskets. We had a variety of toppings for the hot dogs including: relish, fresh onions, ketchup, mustard, hot mustard, hot peppers, and a relish/onion mix that I found at World Market. Drinks consisted of grilled lemonade, watermelon cherry water, a variety of world market soda pops, San Pelligrino, honest kids juice boxes, beer, and fun mason jar adult drinks. The kids played long and hard on the slip n' slide, chased each other with water guns (even got the grandparents involved too), played in the sand box, and even competed with their parents in a game of washers. All in all, I think Nathan had a great time and was so happy for all who were able to come out and celebrate with him. 

Isi playing washers with his dad.

The birthday boy cooking up the grub.

Fun paper straws for the guests.
They say "drink me" "party" and "celebrate".

Grilled lemonade ~ yes, that's right. And it was awesome.

Went as green as I could for this party.

Watermelon cherry water ~ yum!

Drinks for kids and adults. 

The tables were ready for the guests.

The kiddos were too hungry to wait.

Me and my birthday man.

Sterling and Amy taking selfies.

Fun with the kids.

Colton and Sterling ~ cheese!

Uncle Lloyd enjoying some grub.

Smile Aunt Cheryl!

Sand pit fun.


Giffin surprised Nathan by flying in from LA!

Kale and Josh waiting to slide.


Bailey bug looking totally 80's out!

Water gun fun - Thanks for letting us borrow them Aunt Amy!

Alex having some fun.

Birthday boy smiling.

Sterling and I having fun!

Giffin and Jon joking around.

Grandmas preparing for some water gun fun!


Don't you shoot me!

Making up after another argument. 

Katie helping the girls out.

Aunt Jamie smiling!

Uncle Daniel posin'

Profiles with Aunt Misty

Cover of a card from Uncle JJ

Shay is too cute!

Grammy posing for a picture.

Sally is "all done".

Aunt Christine is all smiles.

Me and Grandma Kems posin' for pics.

Bailey was enjoying the food!

Cute sisters!

Fun times!

Here's the link to all pictures ~ Thanks for letting me borrow your camera again, Amy!

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