Wednesday, September 18, 2013

baltimore grand prix

The first day we stayed with the Godwins and Tristan played with Maya. They acted like they have known each other forever. It was adorable! We headed to the Maryland State Fairgrounds for some fun on the rides, cotton candy, lemonade, and BBQ. The kids love the rides and the adults were just trying to survive the heat. :)

Riding the bus with Maya.

Looking at the animals.

Vroom, Vrooooom!!

Reading a book on the iPad before bedtime.

Godwin telling the kids a story.


The replica of the Batmobile.

 When Tristan was one, Baltimore City had their first Grand Prix race. They transformed the city into one big race track ~ similar to how Monte Carlo does their races in Monaco. It was very cool..and while Tristan didn't remember the first time he went, we thought since he's so into race cars and racing right now, he would enjoy going to see the races again over labor day weekend. Plus, it gave us an excuse to go back to Baltimore to visit our friends.

When I was preparing Tristan for the trip, I was explaining to him the names of the people we were going to stay with. When we got to Urso's name, I explained that his name was Ursedog.  Tristan had a puzzled look on his face and asked, "Is he a person or a dog?"

One thing I wasn't prepared for was Tristan's reaction to the races when he first saw them practicing around the track. He said, "Can I borrow them? Can I borrow one of those cars and drive them?" He was completely serious in asking me the question. I had no idea how to respond to him since he genuinely wanted to "borrow" the car and drive them. Once we thoroughly explained to him that he would not be able to borrow the car and drive them,  he started to enjoy his time at the Grand Prix. 

This was the look he gave when he was upset that he couldn't borrow the cars. 

His first look at the races.

Posin' with w car.

Daddy explained to Tristan that Babe Ruth used to play baseball, but is now dead. Of course
he was obsessed  for about two hours regarding why Babe died....

Bumper cars for Tristan to "borrow" and drive in the paddocks.

Taking a break from the heat at a local Starbucks.

Playing in the bounce house in the paddocks.

View from PWHC suite.

There were some rides and games in the Paddocks for the kids. This one
was where you could build a small box car and race them. Well Tristan wanted to
 race his Lightening McQueen instead. :)

The last day Tristan helped Ursedog put up the American flag for Labor Day.

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