Friday, October 18, 2013

telluride, co

After a long week of working in New York, I flew out to Telluride for a weekend of wedding fun. It was colder than I expected and even snowed the first day I got there. However, the day of the wedding it was beautiful. Perfect day for a wedding by the waterfall. Congratulations Kelly and Jesse!


Yep. We were on a crop duster....felt every. single. bump.

Brrr! Riding the Gondola into town. It was snowing!

Jesse lookin' good!

Kelly's grandpa!

The Becketts and Ingleharts decided to arrive in style.


Amy looking beautiful with Colton.

Skipping rocks.

Peeking at the bride!


Here she comes!

Congrats! Mr. and Mrs. Smith!

Family pic!

Adorable Gondola!

So glad to be able to hang out with Dave too!

Of course there was lots of Organic Wine.


Family picture. :)


Colton's surprise gift from Uncle Dave. So cool!

Colton and I zipping through DIA on the way home.

Congratulations Kelly and Jesse!!

**Some photos courtesy of Melissa Plantz Photography. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

positive intention

This is a sign that hangs in my office. All too often people make assumptions without asking, without discussing, without resolving.  If the relationship is important to you, you'll work it out. If not, you won't. Either way, everyone needs a little reminder to stay positive!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

late night fun

Daddy took Tristan to the KU Late Night at the Phog last weekend with Steve and Alex and he captured some pictures of the fun they had. Tristan managed to stay there the entire four hours! Rock Chalk!

Friday, October 4, 2013

san juan, puerto rico

This year Nathan and I celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary in San Juan, Puerto Rico. An upside to having to travel all the time is racking up all the Marriott reward points and Southwest points. Southwest opened up their travel schedule to Puerto Rico in April, so it was a no brainer - 4 free flights and 5 nights free at the Marriott Stellaris Resort and Casino - yes, please!  

Because we both travel so much, we didn't want to be away from Tristan again on our vacation, so we brought him a long and my mom decided to come help us so we could have some alone time during the trip as well. We had a great time discovering the rain forest, eating the local food, walking around downtown, seeing the old fortifications, experiencing the bio luminescent bay, and spending time at the pool and beach. The only hitch was that I forgot my swimsuit! Can you believe it? Lol. So I had to resort to the expensive one at the hotel. Boo. But it is cute. :)

It was such a wonderful, relaxing trip and we are so glad we were able to experience it with both Tristan and Grandma. 

Posing at the rain forest.

father and son love

Old San Juan site

Game room at the Marriott

Mom said she had never been to a swim up bar, so she had to do it
so she could cross it off her bucket list! (Tristan joined in too).

So pretty!

Fun with Tristan at Triana's.

Apparently Tang has a market in Puerto Rico....

Our welcome beers. Pay no attention to Tristan's inappropriate
seating at the Marriott lobby....:)

Tristan looking for coqui

This little bugger actually knows how to swim and we
didn't know it! All summer he swam with his floaties, but actually knows how to swim. :)

Relaxing poolside.

Night time swimming on the first day.

Our tour guide made Tristan the king of the rain forest by making a
hat out of banana leaves.

On the ride to the rain forest.


Getting my exercise in.

Family love

Old San Juan Fortifications.

So grateful my mother was able to join us to help out!


Goofing around.

Blurry boat ride pics...

He loved the boat. It was really neat but late at night (9 or 10 pm).

Trying to get the microbes to glow for him.

Beach fun!

My boss told me, "Don't worry, your phone will work in PR, so you can still
work while you are on vacation." Oy.

Playing checkers....he has a funny way of playing...

Foosball fun!

Bio luminescent bay.


This is what we had to get through in order to get to the bio luminescent bay.

We picked up a straggler....

Pretty bird!