Tuesday, December 31, 2013

50 things i learned in 2013

2013. What can I say? It was a whirlwind of emotions all the way around. But I certainly can say I learned a few key things, which was definitely needed. Here's to a great year with new beginnings in 2014!

  1. Sometimes my clients don't always take my advice, and that is okay. They are just trying to survive the process the best way they know how.
  2. Date nights are essential.
  3. Companies can change in a split second. Nothing is ever constant and consultants don't know everything. (Ha! refer to number 1).
  4. I truly love everything about my family.
  5. Growing a garden is hard work when you travel a lot.
  6. Relationships can be maintained without having a busy schedule.
  7. Any kind of therapy can help.
  8. Skiing without a helmet can give you whiplash when you fall.....
  9. There's a lot of chemicals in everything around us!!
  10. Girls' weekend trips are always needed. 
  11. Music can get you through some tough times.
  12. Vulnerability is not a bad word.
  13. Traveling a lot for work is hard on everyone. 
  14. Imperfection is perfection.
  15. I still love throwing parties for people!!!
  16. Work can be very challenging at times, but perseverance it the key to success.
  17. You need friends who can punch you in the gut with the truth.
  18. Squats really can define your thigh muscles. 
  19. B12 can really help you get through the days.
  20. I'm 1/8th Pawnee Indian. 
  21. Every morning it's good to read or watch something that inspires you.
  22. Blackberry phones can last a whole year even after being broken at a KU/WV game in 2012. 
  23. I really just want an iPhone.
  24. Forgiveness is not as hard as I thought.
  25. The past has a way of sneaking up on you.
  26. Growing as a person cannot occur without self-realization, acceptance, and accountability.
  27. The desert is super cold with no furnace. ;)
  28. You can't give the best version of yourself to anyone until you know who you are. 
  29. Sometimes people just forget and that's all there is to it.
  30. I keep a lot of memorabilia (photos, letters, drawings, dried flowers, champagne corks).
  31. Smiling more lifts your mood.
  32. A little dust on the floor doesn't. really. matter.
  33. Sometimes things happen for a reason.
  34. I like volunteering at Just Food.
  35. Your real friends are what really matters. They may not have been there to cause the problems, but they will definitely be there to help fix them.
  36. You have to get to Carsland early enough to ride the cool rides. 
  37. Everyone is fighting their own battle.
  38. I need to read more books.
  39. Reusable bamboo paper towels suck. Haha!
  40. With a little determination and hard work, referrals can be your best friend. 
  41. Cancer can spread to anyone, including myself. 
  42. Thoughts are power.
  43. Lipstick can actually look good on my skinny lips. 
  44. You really can buy a fish tank that cleans itself. 
  45. I really love to cook and cook for others!!!
  46. There are a lot of toys a three year old can get during the holidays.
  47. Loving myself hasn't been easy, but it's an attainable goal that I'm willing to reach for. 
  48. I really don't like to bake. Ever.
  49. Grandparents do a great job of helping us out.
  50. Happiness is being with Nathan and Tristan.

Happy New Year!!!
xoxo ~ b

Saturday, December 28, 2013

an imperfectly perfect christmas

Christmas this year was a lot of fun, a lot of laughter, great food, great family and friends, full of surprises...full of forgiveness...full of love. Here's to an imperfectly perfect Christmas. 

Uncle Daniel and I messing around.

Tristan just chillin'

Grandma opening her gift from the grandkids (kids).

Smile Bailey! You look like a little who!

Cross-eyed Alex!


Loving my man while holding Eli. :)

D taking a rest???

Smile Isi!!

Tristan and Alex playing

Our tree. The star stayed crooked until we took the tree down....and on purpose. :)

xoxo ~ the walts family

Friday, December 27, 2013

the nutcracker ballet

The Nutcracker ballet has been my favorite ballet for years. And the only one I've ever gone to. It's also a Christmas tradition for our family to go. We were able to make it up to Bristol to eat prior to the show and had some really great crab legs, lobster bisque, and dark red wine. It was really cold, but we braved the weather to make it there and back in time for the show. Tristan made it through the entire show this year, however, Nathan and I were bored by the last half of the second half of the ballet! Ha! Irony! But we both laughed about it.

 ~ big smiles ~

We got some HORRIBLE pictures, but thankfully Nathan was there to help with pictures 
so we could at least have these captured......

Santa was up there....

He's obviously dancing...lol

 xoxo ~ the walts family

branson ~ polar express

Second annual trip to Polar Express with the family in Branson. This year we invited the Ramsey's to join in on the fun. And boy, was it cold, but fun! We started out with a four hour trip to Branson....poor Amy and Jason had to contend with Isla screaming for about an hour of the ride. Something to laugh about later though, right? :)

We stayed at the Marriott Vacation home in a two bedroom apartment where there was plenty of room for four little ones and four adults to get comfy and cozy....yet, we had to head down to The Landing to eat before we boarded the Polar Express. What an awesome adventure!  We picked a pizza and beer joint and even had pizza left over to bring home...unfortunately, they wouldn't allow us to bring on the train. So we had to leave it behind. Hopefully someone who really needed the pizza was able to get it instead of being thrown away. :)

The ride was just as good as the previous years' ride. Santa passing out bells to each child, hot chocolate, sugar cookies, dancing elves, lots of Christmas lights as we drove along the countryside in the Polar Express. The kiddos were dressed in their jammies and enjoyed every second of the trip. 

~ smiles ~

Brody did a great job playing with all of
Tristan's toys. :)

I think we neglected to get a picture of the all the kiddos....oops!

And then Nathan decided to get a hundred pictures of me eating cookies with Tristan....

xoxo ~ the walts family

Monday, December 23, 2013

Friday, December 13, 2013

california part 3

San Diego! Tina, Volker, and Becks were so kind to offer their home to use for the remaining time of our vacation.  We relaxed and caught up. Cooked and ate wonderful food. Tried Volker's homemade beer and others on tap. Ate great pizza and and drank good beer at one of their favorite hangout spots. Visited the marina area, walked along the water, talked, laughed, and enjoyed the top of the Hilton Hotel's view. Tristan even got a fun Spiderman story from Mommy.  (Essentially, I told him that I climbed the high building with Spiderman one time, had suction cups on my hands, was up really high, and then fell. But Spiderman used his web to catch me before I landed).  The guy beside us just stared at me when I was telling the story. I looked up and smiled at him to reassure him that it was just a story. He smiled back and chuckled.  Tristan then said that Spiderman used his "gan gum tee." Tina and I said, "What's a gan gum tee?"  Tristan said, "It's a web." Lol.

Hanging out with the family ocean side via sunset.

Pictures while waiting for Daddy to come
back from ordering pizza and beers!

Sunset on Thanksgiving....

Volker and Nathan trying to figure out how
we can watch the game....

Trying to hook up the KU game still...

Tristan enchanted with the Playstation

Mariocart fun!

california part 2

Joshua Tree was next on the list of places to go. Sunday we headed the 3 hours to the desert to meet my Aunt Cindy ~ whom I haven't seen since I was probably 10 years old!  She was so sweet! Let us stay in her bedroom since the spare one wasn't furnished. It was pretty chilly at night, but we put on warm clothes and snuggled a lot! Tristan and I were sick for about the first 4 days of the trip, but we recovered quickly with Aunt Cindy's yummy soup and breakfast!  One night she sat us down and gave Nathan and I both a tarot card reading. It was quite interesting!

We also visited the Mojave Desert and an old ghost town where we took pictures and had good fun. Aunt Cindy was the best for hosting us, even if she wasn't fully furnished yet - we appreciated every moment. ;)

Holding my baby while we were both sick.

Tristan at Aunt Cindy's house with Annie.

Aunt Cindy and Daddy

The ghost town.


A coffin!

See the boots at the bottom? It looks like someone's
in there....lol.

Tristan just loved Frankie and Annie (the dogs).

My beautiful Aunt and I.