Thursday, December 12, 2013

california part 1

Tristan loves Cars! So when I went to California for business in June, I saw the advertisement for Cars Land Adventure Land at DisneyLand Adventure Land and discussed with Nathan how we could take him. Thankfully we have family out there who we were able to coordinate staying with and free flights from so much traveling this past year!  Aunt Cindy was kind enough to accommodate us in Joshua Tree and Tina and Volker in San Diego. The weather was gorgeous during the day, but really cool at night. We took so many pictures, I have to break the blog up into several parts. :)

Tristan visited Mickey's House and posed for pictures.

 The first ride we rode was Space Mountain. We were worried about how this was going to affect him....but it was completely dark the entire ride and I'm not sure he realized we were even moving! When we got off the ride, he said, "Mommy! Daddy! We were really in space!" Nice!

Mater at Cars Land Adventure Land (He was talking, so Tristan couldn't
stop looking at him. He was so excited!)

Some other rides he rode were Splash Mountain, Nemo's Submarine Ride, a kiddie roller coaster, Hollywood Haunted Hotel, and the Nightmare before Christmas Ride. The hotel one, we were iffy about because we knew Braedon rode it and was scared afterwards last year. But each time we went up and down, he held tighter and tighter. It was a stomach dropping, fast ride. He loved it! But when we got off of it, he said, "I like that ride, but can we do a slower one next time?" Adorable. 

We were able to sneak some pictures in with Santa while there!
No line either!!

Riding the Star Wars ride together. :)

Monster's University Campus!

Check this one out! So funny! He rode the Haunted Hollywood Hotel
with us. Just the right size. He was a TROOPER. That's the picture they took
of us as we were going up and down the elevator. :)

Waiting for the bumper cars.

Hanging at the fuel station at Cars Land Adventure Land.

ROUTE 66!!

Gator Springs Fire Department.

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