Friday, December 13, 2013

california part 2

Joshua Tree was next on the list of places to go. Sunday we headed the 3 hours to the desert to meet my Aunt Cindy ~ whom I haven't seen since I was probably 10 years old!  She was so sweet! Let us stay in her bedroom since the spare one wasn't furnished. It was pretty chilly at night, but we put on warm clothes and snuggled a lot! Tristan and I were sick for about the first 4 days of the trip, but we recovered quickly with Aunt Cindy's yummy soup and breakfast!  One night she sat us down and gave Nathan and I both a tarot card reading. It was quite interesting!

We also visited the Mojave Desert and an old ghost town where we took pictures and had good fun. Aunt Cindy was the best for hosting us, even if she wasn't fully furnished yet - we appreciated every moment. ;)

Holding my baby while we were both sick.

Tristan at Aunt Cindy's house with Annie.

Aunt Cindy and Daddy

The ghost town.


A coffin!

See the boots at the bottom? It looks like someone's

Tristan just loved Frankie and Annie (the dogs).

My beautiful Aunt and I. 

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