Friday, December 13, 2013

california part 3

San Diego! Tina, Volker, and Becks were so kind to offer their home to use for the remaining time of our vacation.  We relaxed and caught up. Cooked and ate wonderful food. Tried Volker's homemade beer and others on tap. Ate great pizza and and drank good beer at one of their favorite hangout spots. Visited the marina area, walked along the water, talked, laughed, and enjoyed the top of the Hilton Hotel's view. Tristan even got a fun Spiderman story from Mommy.  (Essentially, I told him that I climbed the high building with Spiderman one time, had suction cups on my hands, was up really high, and then fell. But Spiderman used his web to catch me before I landed).  The guy beside us just stared at me when I was telling the story. I looked up and smiled at him to reassure him that it was just a story. He smiled back and chuckled.  Tristan then said that Spiderman used his "gan gum tee." Tina and I said, "What's a gan gum tee?"  Tristan said, "It's a web." Lol.

Hanging out with the family ocean side via sunset.

Pictures while waiting for Daddy to come
back from ordering pizza and beers!

Sunset on Thanksgiving....

Volker and Nathan trying to figure out how
we can watch the game....

Trying to hook up the KU game still...

Tristan enchanted with the Playstation

Mariocart fun!

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