Sunday, June 15, 2014

why your father is so cool

  1. He lets you play with Isla anytime you want. 
  2. He is strict with many things, but always has time for you.
  3. He loves you unconditionally.
  4. He is always looking out for your best interest.
  5. He will always remember to have you brush your teeth and take your vitamins, even if mommy forgets. 
  6. He always talks to you about your day.
  7. He loves to swim with you.
  8. He will cheer you on when you score 2 goals or 10 goals. You rock!
  9. He really lets you watch TV all the time. It's your past time with him. You both love the "shows". 
  10. He is the most caring, loving father I've ever met. You are lucky to have him as your daddy. He will ALWAYS love you unconditionally. Forever.
Happy Father's Day Nathan!! Hope it's a good one!

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